31 May 2007


I wish I wasn't so computer illiterate. I have just spent some time trying to put a link to the PhotoHunt blogroll on my sidebar. And have failed miserably despite very clear instructions from Mrs Photohunt. Grumble. I wish I knew about html, but its all too confusing for someone with a brain as small as mine. Humph.

30 May 2007

I've been a rubbish blogger of late. I keep thinking of things to write, and then forgetting them by the time I get to a computer. I've been in bed for a week with sinusitis, but am now feeling much better, and am grateful to whoever invented doxycycline and neurofen - I wouldn't have got through it without them!! I've been on Brownie Holiday this weekend, which has been a fun but knackering experience. We had one poor girl who suffered from night terrors - she screamed and slept walked every night we were there. Bless her, she was shattered by the end of the weekend (as were we), even though she's not conscious when she's screaming. But I've spent the weekend getting hugs from small people, so it can't all be bad.

In other exciting news, Phil and I have booked our holiday - ten days in Tunisia. I am very excited as the package we've booked includes a 2 day tour, and a camel ride in the Sahara!! Tunisia was a bit of a compromise - I wanted to go to Morocco, Phil didn't really, so we're going somewhere "exciting" but in a nice hotel!! It should be hot too, which is great - I really need some vitamin D!

20 May 2007


This should be a link to Madeleine McCann's website. Keeping her in the public eye and in public prayers seems vital at the moment. xxx


17 May 2007

Race For Life

It's that time of year again... emails coming round asking for sponsorship. People foisting sponsor forms at you when you're least expecting it.

And here I am, blogging about it! I am running the Race For Life for the 5th year running (no pun intended) on 21st July at Regent's Park. My sponsorship link is on the sidebar, or you can click on this link.

Every penny helps! Last year I raised over £400, I'd love to do the same again this year. Wish me luck with the training!!

16 May 2007


I don’t know where the time is going at the moment. I’ve almost got a routine, which is nice, but time sure does seem to be flying by (except when I’m at work).

Mondays are school days. I am volunteering at a school in Farnham, More House. It’s an independent Catholic boy’s school for kids with severe speech and language (and other) issues. This week I was in the learning development centre, and also helped in a science class and a maths class. I never thought I’d see the day where I was teaching multiplication (and long multiplication at that) and children would understand me. It amazes me – some of these kids can’t spell their own names (or read it for that matter) and yet when you ask them what is the first stage of the plant life cycle? “Germination Miss”. Some of them are delightful; some of them are little horrors. Each one has their own problems which More House are trying to help them with, whether it’s learning to read at age 16 or knowing that the first question you ask a stranger is not “when were you born?”

Tuesdays are uni days and Stroke Association days. Until recently I’ve been heading off to the library to work on essays, and then going to Archway (N.London) to be a conversation partner (or “Dysphasia Support Worker” to give it it’s official title) to people who have had strokes. This week I was working in the sound lab on my project, where I’ll be until kingdom comes at this stage. I am transcribing conversations between a fluent adult and a stuttering child. It’s long and it’s boring, but there are some interesting patterns in there, so I will have something to write about when it comes to it.

The Stroke Association gig is all in the name of work experience. To support my application for a Speech Therapy degree, I need to show relevant work experience. This can’t be just any work though – it should be with both paeds (paediatrics) and adults. Ideally I need to work in a clinic or a hospital stroke group, but for now, my weekly journey to Archway will do. The same goes for More House, though that is more like what I would be doing as a Speech and Language Therapist. I love it; I enjoy every moment of the school day. It’s hard and it’s challenging, but it has opened my eyes to what SaLT is all about and I’m now sure that this is what I want to do.

Wed, Thur, and Fri are all boring work days. Eventually I’m going to have to give up I think, as a full time MSc and part time work don’t really go together. But the money is good and keeps me ticking over – and will hopefully help me pay for a summer holiday with Phil in June.

Anyway, that’s my week, and I can’t quite believe it’s Wednesday already! No play this week: just ironing and planning for Brownies on Thursday. Fun!

10 May 2007


I have been a blogger for over a year! How strange. Not only that but my Budapest post was my 100th...small fry for the likes of Liz etc, but still, who would have thought I had that much to say??

Dramatic Wonderings

Having come down from my cloud of accolade and success (it doesn’t happen very often. In fact rarely ever so I’m allowed to be pleased.) I am left wondering what to do with myself next. I am going to help with Front of House for “Whose Life Is It Anyway” with Ottershaw Players in June, but I kind of want something to get my teeth into. I really enjoyed directing, and I have enjoyed playing around with sound for PLT (though to be honest Phil has done most of it, I just press play when necessary). I’d like to Stage Manage something one day, but not this year probably.

I’m already thinking of possibilities for directing. It was suggested last night that I could do something for the festival, as I don’t think anyone has come forwards at Ottershaw yet. But then again, I’m not sure I can go through the stress of being adjudicated again… You do all that work, then one performance, and poof, it’s over and someone you don’t know rips it to shreds…I don’t know, maybe it’d be better this year. The other problem is who to do it with. I really enjoy working with the “youths”, but aside from the three in Teechers, there aren’t many others of a suitable age. So for the festival it’s more likely to be grown ups. Which is ok, if a little scary – who is going to take me seriously?

I’d like to do another show in April next year, but again, what to do, and with whom. One of my favourite plays at the moment is “Quartermaine’s Terms” by Simon Gray, which calls for French windows at the back of the stage – something Brook Hall offers! Other options, though probably not for Brook Hall, are “Pygmalion” or “The Importance of Being Earnest”. However they’re both quite big shows, and I don’t think I’d be allowed to direct them! On the youth side, I quite fancy “Shakers” with the girls, but that’s another Godber play – don’t want to be typecast!

It’s all quite academic at the moment anyway – but a lot more appealing to think about than thesis and rain and boringness.

06 May 2007

Budapest: should be in a Bond film...

I realised that I actually never wrote about my trip to Budapest. Phil and I went for three nights and had a brilliant time. I've been before, I went in August 2003 as part of a Guide project, and I was surprised at how much of the layout/geography I remembered. It was great to visit some places that I'd been before and discover new ones.

Some notable memories:
Getting on the blue metro line at the terminus, in the wrong direction. Sat in a siding for a while wondering what on earth we were going to do...thankfully the train went back into the platform after about 5 minutes...
Phil ordering a "tea". Te in Hungarian means...Milk. So he ordered half a pint of milk...The waitress was incredibly confused.
The meal in La Fontaine. A very very nice restaurant. Unfortuantely it was also VERY expensive. Phil's face when the bill arrived was a picture!
And many more which escape me at the moment!! Photos will be up on flickr soon!

The Right To Bear Arms

The right to bear arms is slightly less ludicrous than the right to arm
bears.- Chris Addison at the Pleasance, Edinburgh Festival.

Everyone has spoken already about the hideous massacre at Virginia Tech. I know I'm a bit late. But then I found this quote, which made me think about it. I don't know when America will learn, but then, have we really learnt either? We have a ban on handguns - children are still being shot on the street. We had a knife amnesty - children are still being stabbed. I don't know what the answer is. But in the words of Eddie Izzard: "guns don't kill people, people kill people. Well, I think the gun helps..."