24 October 2007

Quick update

I am still alive, though the inevitable half term bug did attempt to strike me down... I slept for two days straight and am feeling somewhat better now.

Please pay attention to the new addition to my side bar. Treasure Island is Ottershaw's Christmas production and it's going to be brilliant!! Swashing of buckles, lots of yo ho hoing etc. Come and see it if you're in the area, and if you're not, make the journey - it'll be worth it! Bring you children, your grandchildren, your aunts, uncles and cousins!

I am moving house in 3 days time and haven't started packing yet. There's been lots going on, mainly my beloved godfather Lester becoming very ill in Bristol. We've all been on tenterhooks for the last week, but sadly he passed away last night. Not really thinking about much else at the moment.

Off now to do my ironing, and think about packing. And try to decide which of the MANY pink things I own to use for the Photo Hunt this week...

22 October 2007

Photo Hunt - Practical

I have been away...but now I am back, later than ever before, with an entry for "Practical". (I hope I'm still allowed to play after such a long absence?)

This entry is both practical AND pretty... And inside the handle are three useful additions :)

The hammer is my mother's (she also has a tape measure). The stapler is mine, a birthday present in response to the request for "pretty things" for my birthday!

13 October 2007


I am alive. Some of you will already know this of course. Anyway. I live, I breathe, I sleep. No updates for a while due to everything fun being blocked at school (grrr) and actually not having much to say. Oh and the internet is dodgy at home and I got bored of Blogger crashing!!


Loving new job, but finding it very tiring. Roll on half term!!!

Phil and I officially move in together in two weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Watch this space....

Am in two plays at the moment, "Treasure Island" with Ottershaw Players and "Little Red Riding Hood" with Byfleet Players. Consequently I spend most of my time trying to remember which play I'm doing at the time and which lines I'm supposed to say...

Will be back in half term I promise!!!!!!!!!!!!