22 September 2007

Photo Hunt - Paper

Another late entry from me - in fact all I seem to do at the moment is post the Photo Hunt entries...

Last week I talked about my plastic chair which is really uncomfortable when writing a thesis. This week....my thesis! Well, it fits the theme!

16 September 2007

Photo Hunt - Plastic

Bit slow this week, and a bit of a random photo!

This is my desk chair in my bedroom. I bought it primarily because it is pink...however, it is also very uncomfortable if you sit in it for a long time, which I have been doing recently due to my thesis being due! Anyway, a plastic chair for the photo hunt!

07 September 2007

Photo Hunt - Music

Here is my "musical" offering for this week's photo hunt.... My brother (yes, despite the long hair) is playing the guitar in this picture, with his band Cowblanket. I don't know why they were called that and sadly they have now disbanded, but when they played they had a small but devoted following!!


02 September 2007

It's a dog's life.

While I remember... In fact it was reading Welshcakes post about Simi that I remembered to post this - pictures of William and Grace after their haircuts. Normally Lhasas have long hair which reaches the ground. This has proved entirely impractical for our dogs, so we tend to keep them quite short. When we first have them done they look quite silly, but also deliciously neat and cute. It turns out that Gracey has very long legs and a very skinny body, whereas William is very stocky and muscley. They might not be to everyone's tastes, but I think they're gorgeous!

(on a related note, I was talking about the God Delusion by Richard Dawkins this week. I got my tongue twisted and called it the Dog Delusion, which would be an entirely different book!)

Not looking bad for 90

Yesterday me, Patrick, Daniel, Dad and Monika trekked to Ipswich to celebrate Aunty Nancy's 90th birthday. She was, as always, in fine fettle and as you can see, still looking good for 9 decades. She said she had had a wonderful birthday and was quite overwhelmed by how kind everyone had been (she received 46 birthday cards in all!). In the photo AN is enjoying a strawberry ice-cream (a woman after my own heart) and she was very proud to not only eat the world's biggest portion of plaice, but then to eat ALL of her huge portion of ice-cream. She said as she ate it "I will eat all this ice-cream even if I pop". And she did! (Finish it, not pop!)

01 September 2007

Photo Hunt - Dirty

I didn't think I would post this week, and am doing so very late, but mainly cos I don't have a very good picture (did anyone else find this theme hard?) but also because I have been in the library all week working on my thesis and then in Ipswich today celebrating my Aunt's 90th birthday (see below)

So here are my not-great-contributions this week:

"Dirty Weather" at Pack Holiday 2007

"Dirty Boat", Emsworth