02 September 2007

Not looking bad for 90

Yesterday me, Patrick, Daniel, Dad and Monika trekked to Ipswich to celebrate Aunty Nancy's 90th birthday. She was, as always, in fine fettle and as you can see, still looking good for 9 decades. She said she had had a wonderful birthday and was quite overwhelmed by how kind everyone had been (she received 46 birthday cards in all!). In the photo AN is enjoying a strawberry ice-cream (a woman after my own heart) and she was very proud to not only eat the world's biggest portion of plaice, but then to eat ALL of her huge portion of ice-cream. She said as she ate it "I will eat all this ice-cream even if I pop". And she did! (Finish it, not pop!)

1 comment:

chux said...

thats so sweet (not a pun on the dessert theme)
She's doing marvelously for 90!