16 April 2008

Yet another sponsored run

Hello...long time no blog...

As you may know I run the Race for Life every year for Cancer Research UK. In addition to my usual 5k for Cancer, last year I ran 5k in September at the HydroActive Women's Challenge for Action for ME, the national charity for people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

This year I'm stepping it up...I am entered (and have received my orange & purple running vest - lovely) for the British 10k, a run through the streets of London. I am, again running for Action for ME because ME is a hugely misunderstood disease. No one knows this more than people with M.E., like myself.

I have just had to explain it to my boss in the light of me having a possible relapse. I ran just over 2 weeks ago and have been having a low period ever since. Hopefully this won't last too much longer, because I really do need to do more training!! More on that later...

Anyway, any generous readers out there can visit my sponsorship page: www.justgiving.com/runforme

Thank you xx xx xx

08 April 2008

Where have you been?

create your own visited countries map
or vertaling Duits Nederlands

I know I have posted this before, but I've been to more places now! Sorry (again) for being a rubbish blogger. I have spent about 3 weeks living sleeping dreaming Brownie Holiday which is very dull for anyone who isn't a) a Brownie Guider or b) a HUGE fan of the Mr Men...

I have signed up to run 10k in July for Action for M.E. If you're feeling generous, my fundraising page is here. Help to inspire me to run!!

Soon I will post soon! But in the meantime, where have you been??

16 March 2008

It's good to be back

Oh my gosh.... I'm back.

It has been an extraordinarily long time since I blogged. So long in fact that I was surprised to find that my URL still existed...I stopped for a number of reasons, the biggest of which was having little to write about and absolutely no time. I have also been battling a number of "diseases" and have had all my energy wiped from me!

So, what's been happening?? Not only have I not blogged, but I have let my normal readers down and haven't visited a blog in ages. This is mainly due to the fact that blogger is blocked at school, so I can't get on to any websites which have ".blogspot" in the title. Very sad, especially as blogging has been taken over by ebaying which is much more time consuming and far more expensive!

I'm now living with Phil and all is well. I couldn't move back home now I don't think. I have got too used to having my own space. We don't argue often and when we do it tends to be about something silly. I have a whole other blog post in my head about the whys of living with a man ("why does the shopping take 3 times as long with a man?" etc).

I am still at school, and with the Easter holidays fast approaching I can feel my body begin to relax. I love school, the boys are great and the therapy is interesting. It is quite hardcore though which as we know my body doesn't cope with. For this reason I am now on a cocktail of drugs to get me through the day. Sigh.

Good news is that I got into university to do my Speech Therapy degree. I went through 4 long and difficult interviews but was finally accepted to UCL (again) and Reading. I am going back to UCL in September and am really looking forward to it. I also passed my MSc with a convincing pass mark. The dissertation-that-tried-to-kill-me was all worth it, with my mark coming out at 66%. I was really chuffed, and am going to be graduating in September. I am officially "Clare Groome, BA (Hons), MSc.

That's all I think.... another post soon I promise!!

24 October 2007

Quick update

I am still alive, though the inevitable half term bug did attempt to strike me down... I slept for two days straight and am feeling somewhat better now.

Please pay attention to the new addition to my side bar. Treasure Island is Ottershaw's Christmas production and it's going to be brilliant!! Swashing of buckles, lots of yo ho hoing etc. Come and see it if you're in the area, and if you're not, make the journey - it'll be worth it! Bring you children, your grandchildren, your aunts, uncles and cousins!

I am moving house in 3 days time and haven't started packing yet. There's been lots going on, mainly my beloved godfather Lester becoming very ill in Bristol. We've all been on tenterhooks for the last week, but sadly he passed away last night. Not really thinking about much else at the moment.

Off now to do my ironing, and think about packing. And try to decide which of the MANY pink things I own to use for the Photo Hunt this week...

22 October 2007

Photo Hunt - Practical

I have been away...but now I am back, later than ever before, with an entry for "Practical". (I hope I'm still allowed to play after such a long absence?)

This entry is both practical AND pretty... And inside the handle are three useful additions :)

The hammer is my mother's (she also has a tape measure). The stapler is mine, a birthday present in response to the request for "pretty things" for my birthday!

13 October 2007


I am alive. Some of you will already know this of course. Anyway. I live, I breathe, I sleep. No updates for a while due to everything fun being blocked at school (grrr) and actually not having much to say. Oh and the internet is dodgy at home and I got bored of Blogger crashing!!


Loving new job, but finding it very tiring. Roll on half term!!!

Phil and I officially move in together in two weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Watch this space....

Am in two plays at the moment, "Treasure Island" with Ottershaw Players and "Little Red Riding Hood" with Byfleet Players. Consequently I spend most of my time trying to remember which play I'm doing at the time and which lines I'm supposed to say...

Will be back in half term I promise!!!!!!!!!!!!

22 September 2007

Photo Hunt - Paper

Another late entry from me - in fact all I seem to do at the moment is post the Photo Hunt entries...

Last week I talked about my plastic chair which is really uncomfortable when writing a thesis. This week....my thesis! Well, it fits the theme!

16 September 2007

Photo Hunt - Plastic

Bit slow this week, and a bit of a random photo!

This is my desk chair in my bedroom. I bought it primarily because it is pink...however, it is also very uncomfortable if you sit in it for a long time, which I have been doing recently due to my thesis being due! Anyway, a plastic chair for the photo hunt!

07 September 2007

Photo Hunt - Music

Here is my "musical" offering for this week's photo hunt.... My brother (yes, despite the long hair) is playing the guitar in this picture, with his band Cowblanket. I don't know why they were called that and sadly they have now disbanded, but when they played they had a small but devoted following!!


02 September 2007

It's a dog's life.

While I remember... In fact it was reading Welshcakes post about Simi that I remembered to post this - pictures of William and Grace after their haircuts. Normally Lhasas have long hair which reaches the ground. This has proved entirely impractical for our dogs, so we tend to keep them quite short. When we first have them done they look quite silly, but also deliciously neat and cute. It turns out that Gracey has very long legs and a very skinny body, whereas William is very stocky and muscley. They might not be to everyone's tastes, but I think they're gorgeous!

(on a related note, I was talking about the God Delusion by Richard Dawkins this week. I got my tongue twisted and called it the Dog Delusion, which would be an entirely different book!)