28 February 2007

And I think to myself....

what a wonderful world....

An unusually happy opening. But hey, I've had a good week. I went to see Dancing on Ice being filmed on Saturday and saw Take That LIVE! I went to Oxford on Sunday to see my friend Linz who is the most sensible and fun (it is possible) person in the world. And I love Oxford, I really really do. I was taken to see Swan Lake last night by my WONDERFUL boyfriend, who sat through it even though he really doesn't like ballet. And he bought me dinner. I am lucky :) And today I was greeted by such a happy band of dogs that one of them (I won't name and shame) weed on my foot. Oh well. At least they were happy to see me!

On another note, I have to do a presentation about my project tomorrow which is as yet nonexistant. Hmmm. May the waffle god be with me!

23 February 2007


I have updated Adventures in Amateur Dramatics

I warn you though, I was grumpy when I updated it...

And I have created three powerpoint slides. I'm working badly even by my standards....


Noble deeds and hot baths are the best cure for depression.
- Dodie Smith -

I do believe this is true. Not that I am particularly depressed at the moment, but just very tired. My own fault entirely, as I was up til 2am gossiping/bitching (sorry) with my good friend Nicky, but I've just had a bath with the gorgeous "Sanctuary Spa" products Phil's parents bought me for an Easter Present last year. Now I am all soft and clean and smell nice. Perfect for writing a PowerPoint presentation on stammering....

20 February 2007


Just in case any of you decide to look at my flickr page, there have been some weirdo problems and some of my photos have been replaced by other people's. I've not gone into every set, so I dont know the extent of the problem, but a lot of other people seem to have had the same problem (including, from the look of it, your page Pete), and most of them are reporting pornographic pictures. So, just in case, I've made all my photos private so no-one except my "flickr buddies" can see them - I don't want anyone to think I have an unhealthy interest in porn!

19 February 2007

Long time, no blog

I would love to say that my absence has been caused by a fit of essay writing and hard work... Well sort of. The internet has been down at my house for well over a week, and as I only get 39 mins at the local library (why 39 mins? it's a mystery), I've not been able to write properly. Also, with the essay writing that needed to be done, I have actually been working....
So news... I have new glasses (if I could work out how to take a picture I would); I was sent a red rose and chocolates last Wednesday; my friend Beth is getting married :) ; Teechers is up and running again (I will update Adventures in Amateur Dramatics soon!); I'm applying to Greenwich University for next year.
I think that's it... Life sort of just barrels on, without a by-or-leave! OOOh I am re-reading all the Anne of Green Gables books, and am now at the penultimate one. I swear I read these books over and over when I was little, but Anne's House of Dreams seems almost brand new to me. Hmmm...

Holiday plans are afoot, and I may well be able to go away earlier in June than I was expecting. The choice is now between Morocco and Croatia, so I am busy reading my Lonely Planets trying to make a decision. Not that Phil won't be involved too....

Back to reading about mathematical development in children. I am hoping that it will soon become plain why I am so terrible at Maths. Then again, maybe not...

10 February 2007

Message for Pete.... (or anyone else with computer knowledge!)

Do you know how to get a flickr badge on with the new Beta-less version? I can't work it out for love nor money, and you're a computery type! Thanks!

In fact, can any one tell me (simply, I'm quite blonde when it comes to computers) how to personalise my page a bit more? Ho hum...


I thought you'd enjoy this photo from Hayling Island a couple of weeks ago... I was actually much warmer than Phil, but then I was wearing two coats...

Be still

Help! Ever since I read Liz's post about the hymn Be Still, I have had lyrics in my head and I can't remember where they came from. I have the tune and lyrics to this hymn but can't remember where I learnt it!!

The lyrics are:
Be still in the presence of the Lord, the Holy one is here,
Stand ___ before him now, in reverence and fear,
In him no sin is found,
We are on holy ground (??)

And then I get stuck. It's a lovely hymn, but I can't remember the rest of the words - can anyone help me???

Fabulous Party Picture

Daniel and Me
Originally uploaded by clareybella.
My little brother and me at dad's 60th party last weekend... He's only 14, but already looks like a grown up, but as he is currently in hospital with a broken ankle (he was chased by some sixth formers after throwing a snow ball at them - and fell over...) he's still 14 at heart!

05 February 2007

Money money money...

Must be funny, in a rich man's world. If anyone knows of any laughing rich men who feel like giving me some money, please let me know.

I am penniless. Not because of going away, which is the normal way of things, as I didn't have to pay for very much, but, well, because I've got no income and am funding my MSc myself. I know a lot of people do this every year, but they are probably much better with money than I am...

I moved out of the house in London to save money, and in theory I am, as I'm not paying rent to my mother (on her insistence, I add). However, the person who was supposed to move in hasn't, so I am still paying rent on the house every month. £368 a month seemed a lot when I was living there. It seems extortionate now.

So now I'm off to the bank to ask about a loan. I really did hope I'd be able to get by without, but apparently not. I hate the feeling of being in debt, I actually feel quite panicky about it. Heart races, breath comes in shorter gasps...Will I ever be on top of it?

And the problem comes back again and again because when I feel down or crap or rubbish or ill, I shop. Always have done. My mother is the same. So I'm really not helping myself at all... So it's all my fault, really. ARGH!

I promised this post wouldn't be moany. But I also think (as has been commented on by Pete) that there is less to write about at this time of year. Hence the moan moan moan. Sorry...