12 December 2006

Isn't she/he/it lovely...

I have just ordered my new computer. Yes, just the right time of year to be spending£700 on something...

So soon I will be zip-zip-zipping along with my dual-core processor etc (what does that mean, anyway?). Most importantly though, I'll have a spacebar again!

For Liz

My sporran stroking antics...
I know it looks rude, but it really wasn't, and was all done in the spirit of fun! And here are the sporran owners, Phil (not my Phil) and Nick.

11 December 2006

But you don't look sick...

I found this fantastic website: http://www.butyoudontlooksick.com/

I think that Shirl in particular will appreciate it, but it really rang home with me. Especially since at the moment I am considering (actually I've made up my mind, pretty much) moving home, because it's just getting too much. I don't think my house mate (lovely as they are) really get that its making me ill because (you guessed it), I don't LOOK ill.

Anyway, I thought it was a website worth sharing!

It must be love, love, love...

Here is the promised photo of my loved up dog (William outside cage, Darcy inside!):

And here is a close up of William's loved-up look:

And here are the silly hat brigade after ice-skating at the Tower of London yesterday (the things he does for love!):

07 December 2006

Does anyone know

the last posting dates for cards to overseas before Christmas? I have a feeling I've missed it!


I've just been chugged.

"Chugging" is what those people with clipboards do on the streets, grabbing people and asking them to donate to whatever charity. I think the term comes from Charity-Mugging. I was recently chugged by a guy from Action for Medical Research (see the link at the top of my page for the baby petition and the link to the right for more information). He put forward such a strong case that I was happy to help. I am going to change the amount I'm donating every month, as it's a little more than I can really afford, but I was happy to sign up.

However, I've just been chugged again and now I feel guilty. I was wandering down Tottenham Court Road on my break from essay (I'm now back in the library) and a guy stopped me. I said I was in a hurry (sort of, I was hungry) and he said it wouldn't take long. I pointed out that I was a student and had no money and he asked could I not afford £1.25 a week? I said that I already supported a number of charities and anyway, I can barely afford to pay my rent this month. He looked awfully sympathetic and then complimented me on my bag.

"Nice bag," says he, "Where did you get it?"
"Thanks, " says me, "Oxford Street."
"Oh, very nice. Quiksilver I see?" says my friend.
"Oh well, have a nice day..."

Leaving me to wallow in my guilt. Blatantly his point was "Nice, sort of designer (in the very loosest sense) bag, and yet she says she can't give me £1.25 a week?".
No, I can't. I have a nice bag yes, but this is so I can carry the mulitude of books to lectures/library every day, along with all my dancing stuff. I give to three charities regularly (Amnesty, National Trust, AMR and Action for ME) and I run 5k for Cancer Research every year, last year raising more than £400. I can't afford to pay my rent (well I can, just, if I don't eat for a few weeks), and it's Christmas, and my credit card bill is due. I can't afford to give any more to charity. I really can't.

So why do I feel so guilty?