07 December 2006

Does anyone know

the last posting dates for cards to overseas before Christmas? I have a feeling I've missed it!


Liz said...

You're in luck! I was reading the Tesco magazine in bed (as you do) - and found a couple of really good recipes that I will cut out (and never use) - and I remembered that they had posting dates too.

Special Delivery - 21st
First Class - 19th
Second class - 16th
W. Europe - 13th
Usa, Canada, Japan, E Europe - 11th
Rest of world - 8th

I've noticed though that all my cards are a funny size; i wonder if they will go ordinary second. Correction: theyr'e going ordinary second but I wonder if they should!

Clare said...

Thanks! I will send my cards to Japan, the US and New Zealand this weekend then :) the NZ one won't get there, but never mind, it's the thought that counts!