11 December 2006

But you don't look sick...

I found this fantastic website: http://www.butyoudontlooksick.com/

I think that Shirl in particular will appreciate it, but it really rang home with me. Especially since at the moment I am considering (actually I've made up my mind, pretty much) moving home, because it's just getting too much. I don't think my house mate (lovely as they are) really get that its making me ill because (you guessed it), I don't LOOK ill.

Anyway, I thought it was a website worth sharing!


Anonymous said...

How right you are Clare! How many times have I spent a VERY lazy day before washing my hair, dressing carefully (is the bag nicely concealed in this?), and venturing out for The Day, to A Do, or just A Meal, to have well-meaning, lovely folk (usually family who hardly ever see me) say, "oh you look so well!"

Of course, it is good to LOOK well. But those words can hurt when they don't match the inner feeling of real struggle to get outside the home in one presentable piece.

Plus, who ever says that to someone they KNOW is well?

Clare said...

No one. And I actually appreciate the people who say "you're not looking good at the moment" more than those that say "wow you're looking great", because those that know I'm ill KNOW when I'm ill (get my drift?) and are wonderful. Though obviously I don't mind being told I look lovely!
Phil, bless his socks, always tells me I look lovely, even when I can't get out of bed. Then his answer is, "well you're not looking at your best (and radiant), but you look pretty good to me!". A keeper!