31 May 2006


Ho hum
It's been sometime since I've done this, and there really is no excuse. I suppose I've been busy, but as I have very little to say I assume this isn't the truth...

I've done very little rowing due to the torrential rain making the river unsafe. In theory I'm supposed to have been training for the Race for Life, but as I've been ill I've only managed to get out three times, all of which were fairly disastrous. But I've raised £400 so am off to Newcastle this weekend to do my best - even if I end up crawling round!

I've been to the cinema a couple of times, and saw"Mission Impossible: 3" and then "The Da Vinci Code". I can't really recommend either of them to be honest. But what has made me laugh is how many spin offs there have been from the Da Vinci Code - IT'S JUST A BOOK!

I was off work for a week, or rather, working from home, as my mother has had the unfortunateness to fall off her bike (oh yes...) and break her wrist! She was in plaster for a while, but now she's back in a splint. However, she still can't drive, work or do much else, though she is getting better at eating left handed! It's probably a good thing I was off work as I wasn't very well, and the doctor was his usual helpful self, by diagnosing me as "exhausted". Funny, you wouldn't expect that after not sleeping for 2 weeks... Anyway, basically I work all week and then spend as much time as humanly possible asleep, or else I feel dizzy and sick. It's great fun...

The play thoughts have not got much further, although I am going to try to set a date for the auditions this week. Anne Marie and I are planning a trip to Europe in August (instead of me going to Kenya), so auditioning early July will give me lots of time to start rehearsing before then, and then the end of August, and the whole of September to start polishing. I figure if we can put on Twelfth Night in 2 weeks, we can do a festival entry!

And that concludes this entry into my very boring life.... Stay tuned for more updates, although if I don't post again, I may have died in Newcastle!

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