12 June 2006

getting into the spirit of this now...

In the true spirit of blogging, I have decided to review things I like. And things I don't, if I don't like them.

Things I like at the moment:

  • Sandi Thom "I wish I was a punk rocker (with flowers in my hair)" - great voice, could be a real summer hit I think.
  • José Gonzalez's album Veneer. The song Heartbeats from this album is the lovely guitary one on the Sony Bravia advert with the bouncy balls. Really good chill out music.
  • The West Wing. I am a newbie at this, having only just started watching it, but am slowly catching up by watching Phil's DVDs. I'm half wy through season 4, but keep seeing trailers for season 7 on More 4...
  • Holidays, and organising things for them. I'm off to Madeira in 2 weeks and have today sorted out my travel insurance and a hire car for 3 days of the week we're there. Exciting stuff.
  • My new camera: Casio Exilim ez750. I'm becoming a right camera geek, but it takes amazing photos (I take no credit for them!). Check out my flickr pages on the link to the right.
  • Birthdays: nuff said...

Things I don't like:
  • The heat, and there being no breeze. We have 2 fans and two open windows in my office, and all thats happening is that all the papers on my desk keep making a break for freedom.
  • Working when the weather is nice - it sucks.
  • Feeling ill. ME isn't much fun, especially not in the heat (see above) as you can't sleep.
  • Football fans with flags on their cars - it's not going to make them win!!

There, that's better, and I've used up some valuable time of the day, and it's almost home time!

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