12 September 2006

Intolerable Cruelty

As I get older, I am getting more and more intolerant. People who drive stupidly slowly, or just stupidly, really wind me up. Dawdlers, screaming children, my Brownies when they're not behaving themselves. And apparently now, my body has joined in, and has decided to reject certain types of food.

I have a number of allergies, ranging from cats/horses (almost anaphylactic reaction, aged 5 sat on a horse for the first time), to caffeine in tablets/Red Bull and excess amounts of water (externally: I itch). About a year and a half ago I developed an allergy to "something", which it's taken me a year to track down. It appears that I am allergic to peaches. I've not tested it with atual peaches, just tinned, and peach flavoured things (Lipton Ice etc), so it may be a reaction to the additive. However, I'm not willing to test this theory with a real fresh peach...

And last night I started to swell again. I had been at the Ottershaw Players AGM, and had then retired to the pub for a quick drink and a gossip. Brenda and I filled a plate with strawberries and grapes, avoiding all the calorific stuff (shame, after the day I'd had, I needed some chocolate), and munched our way through them. When I got home, my lips were tingling and a little swollen... I hastily took some antihistamines and some ventolin (to prevent chest closing upness), and stayed up for an hour or so to see if I'd swell any more, or anywhere else. I seemed not to, though I did itch (which I'm sure is psychosomatic), and went to sleep...The swelling has gone down this morning, but the question is, was it the grapes or the strawberries... I shall just have to find out!

PS: reason for the title of the entry? Intolerable (intolerance to things), cruelty (because strawberries are my favourite fruit...)

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bananatree said...

maybe you just had a bit of dry skin round your mouth or something & it was the juices that did it...?! doesn't mean you're necessarily allergic. (I remember one time several years ago at a friend's b'day dinner in pizza express, sitting opposite this guy I fancied & all of a sudden my lip started to swell up hugely. i wasn't allergic to anything... may've just been the pizza topping and my skin...)