06 October 2006

Good game - Updated!

I borrowed this from Anna, and it proved a pleasing distraction from the pouring rain and the building pile of cognitive neuroscience books I have to read...

What to do:
Type the answers to the following question into Google Images and link what it comes up with... This obviously relies on Blogger letting you upload photos! Some of them a obvious, some less so...

1. Place you grew up

2. Place you live now:

3. Your own name:

4. Your grandmother's name:

5. Your favourite food:

6. Your favourite drink:

7. Your favourite song:

8. Your favourite smell:

9. Your age on your next birthday:

10. Your favourite colour:


Anna said...

No1 is on the tip of my tongue! Oh, damn!

Clare said...

"...with a fringe on top" Oklahoma!

Liz said...

Sedan! That's it, isn't it?

Clare said...

Surrey... tho Sedan sounds like a good place to live!