05 October 2006

Granny Wars

I was just waiting in the Post Office to send a parcel to Hannah, and was witness to a moment too amusing to not blog....
There was a considerable queue at the Post Office (I don't know why this always is, can anyone shed any light on it?), and there was, in front of me, a small old lady, with a wheely trolley. In front of her were two younger women, chatting, and just genrally waiting for the queue to move. Slowly, but surely, I watched the old lady push her trolley subtly in front of the women in front of her... She was very subtle, and the women didn't notice it happening, so it was just me, left in my indignation.

In fact, she was so subtle that by the time the next number was called (which should have be the women), she was in front of them, and drawing her pension as quick as a flash! The women either didn't notice or were too gobsmacked to say anything!
It amused me at the time, mainly because she got away with it by looking like a little old lady who wouldn't hurt a fly. So, be warned, watch out for old people with trollies... Lethal in the "queue jumping stakes" !!


Liz said...

I'm looking forward to it. White hair and a stick, I'll look so innocent and helpless. Tee hee.

Twas ever thus!

Anna said...

This happened to me once in the supermarket in Exeter. An old lady behind me was inching towards and alongside me but I was determined not to let her win, and kept looking the other direction and shuffling forward to keep ahead. Finally she sighed ever-so-loudly and said to me in a conspirational manner, "Oh, this queue is ridiculous, and I only want a drink, look!" (Cue nervous laugh from me). But I stood my ground, and taught her a lesson. Oldies nil!

chux said...

Thats the sort of thing I notice. People do the funniest things, but our reactions are just as funny. (gobsmacked- mouth open but can't speak)

If that lady had done that to me i'd have let her go without a shadow of a doubt, just because she had the bottle to do it!!