24 November 2006

domestic goddessry

[Note: I've been writing this post in my head for sometime, but have forgotten about it til now, here, in my sick bed (oh woe...)]

I have successfully created a meal from scratch. I am indeed, a domestic wonder. I have also eaten really off quiche, which is not something I recommend. As Kate (housemate) said, its a judgement on me not making my own quiche, something that I really can't be bothered to do...

I created (as it really was a work of art, not merely a meal) japanese/chinesey rice and vegebubbles, and it was really very yummy. Courgettes, red peppers, mushrooms, etc (could have chicken too I spose) stir fried with soy sauce and sweet chilli sauce. Yum. I even tried a variation with some mango chutney, which was gorgeous!

I have sort of forgotten the point of this post now, so I am going to go back to the essay plan.

Oh big news from home: Mum has completed her bike ride in India for Women for Women International - the same one that Fern Britton has been doing this week (if you watch This Morning!), so well done Mum! xxxxx

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Liz said...

Well done to your mum! And get well soon to you!