17 November 2006


Ok, I really have nothing to complain about. But, I'm going to moan anyway. If you lose any respect for me after I've had this moan then I apologise, but hey.

Its cold, it's wet and it's miserable. We still have mice, and the heating, after a brief spell of working, isn't anymore. I got SOAKED coming home from the library at 7pm, where I had been since 1pm, without seeming to get much done. Because of the impending holiday to South Africa (which I am really excited about, don't get me wrong), I have to write 3/4 essays before Christmas. I am not at home, or even at Phil's house, being fed lovely warm food, but in my house in London, freezing cold. I won't see Phil much this weekend because I am working tomorrow, and at a rehearsal all day on Sunday. I can't cook anything because my housemates have left the washing up for 4 DAYS. I am being resilient and not washing up, because it's not mine, but it's really beginning to get to me.

Rant over.

Good things - leaves are turning exciting colours, I have found a new blogging friend (Shirl), and I have one interesting essay to write, out of the 4 (effects of reading on children with cochlear implants). I am loved, fairly healthy, and there is food in the fridge (though I can't cook it). Will stop moaning now...


Anonymous said...

You have nothing to apologise for and everything to complain about! I do hope today has brought better things (or yesterday as I am writing after midnight).

We always feel guilty when the things that make us unhappy are physical discomfort, too much work, not enough time, and the sheer thoughtlessness of others.

Look at your list of moans again Clare - see, you had every reason!

And I've got a new blogger friend too. What a lovely thing to write - thanks.

Liz said...

Ah, bless.

The weekend's over now - hope the washing-up is done and heating fixed. Or is that too much to hope for on a Monday morning?

Anna said...

Well, at least you have a good grasp of the English language. You'd make a better freelance writer than me. Doesn't that mean I should be more miserable? Sigh. (Can you tell I'm not taking this Vocabulary test to heart at all?)