07 March 2007


I have been quietly raising money by selling various items on Amazon.co.uk. So far I think I've made about £32, and I started selling stuff late last week. Phil says he "doesn't like the idea that I'm selling off my possessions", but mainly it's books I've not read, or DVDs I've not watched. So I think I'm being resourceful. And anyway, at least I'm not selling my body or something...

So, if you or anyone you know wants to buy:

New Zealand (Lonely Planet Diving & Snorkeling Guides) [Paperback] by Enderby
Price: £7.00

Driving Test All Tests Deluxe 2006/07 Edition (PC DVD) [CD-ROM]
Price: £9.50

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets [2002] [VHS Tape] (2003) Daniel...
Price: £1.99

Martha, Meet Frank, Daniel and Laurence [1998] [DVD] (2004) Monica Potter...
Price: £3.99

Lonely Planet Prague [Paperback] by Wilson, Neil
Price: £3.99

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone [2001] [VHS Tape] (2002) Daniel...
Price: £2.00

Japan (Rough Guide Travel Guides) [Paperback] by Dodd, Jan; Richmond, Simon
Price: £10.00

Then I'm your gal! x
PS: some of the prices have come down from what it says here, I don't know why its showing up like this!

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