16 March 2007

A Valuable Member of Society - Officially

Yesterday I went to Gibson Hall in London to be presented with my Queen's Guide Award. The Award is the highest accolade (right word? sounds good) in Guiding, and takes three years to complete. I started it in August 2002, and officially finished in September 2005, as I took some time off over my finals.

The Queen's Guide award is the highest attainable award for members of Girlguiding UK. Although originally awarded to Girl Guides, it is now only attainable by members of the Senior Section (including Rangers, Young Leaders and Young Guiders) aged between 16 and 25. It is a challenging programme comparable to the Queen's Scout or Gold Duke of Edinburgh's Award. Since the awards creation 60 years ago 20,000 young women have gained the award. (Thanks, Wikipedia!)

It was presented to me by Sophie, Countess of Wessex, who is the President of Girlguiding UK. She was lovely, really friendly and normal. Which is surprising, considering she's royal... It was a lot like Graduation - lots of faff, lots of co-ordinating of parents, making sure hair is right, uniform was right etc. Then, up onto a stage for a quick handshake and a photo and then off again. After all that!! There was a "splendid tea" (my mother's words), and Soph came round to chat to us all about what we did for the award, what we're doing now etc. I obviously pressed the right buttons by saying I was studying to become a Speech Therapist (only a small stretch of the truth...but who understands "Human Communication" anyway?) as she was really interested in it and chatted to me for some time.

All in all it was fun - and my parents were proud, so it's all good!!


Elsie said...

Congratulations, Clare!

Becky said...

COngratulations, sounds very impressive!
Get you, hobnonbbing with the royals!

Liz said...

Well done, Clare! Lots of hard work I'm sure and it's paid off. Your parents must have been delighted (and not just with the splendid tea - although that is always important!)

chux said...

i'm sold - well done mate!