11 July 2007

Stuff and nonsense

Well that was a bit heavy, wasn't it...Had to be done though! Thanks to Chris for being my first sponsor...

Dress rehearsal last night, and I didn't really lose my temper once - impressive! Now everyone is wearing their costumes it's looking better and better. If we can get all the sound cues in the right place, and all the lighting cues in the right place (and get the actors not to stand in the darkness, numpties!) it will be a great show.

I'm trying to read a lot of Shakespeare to get some inspiration for a play....Does anyone know how you find out what is on the school syllabuses (syllabi?) for English Lit? I like Shakespeare, it's so clever.

Having a bit of a quandry about two lots of dramaery stuff happening on the same night. But I will think on and work something out....

This is a really random post, sorry!

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Chris said...

I think, Clare, that the school syllabus (see how I avoided having to use a plural?) varies from region to region. I know that people from all sorts of weird places came to see Teechers but I don't think it was being studied around here.