17 August 2007


I sent an email to my dissertation supervisor and my head of department today concerning some problems I have had with the project. The contents of the email was personal and (I considered it to be) confidential.

My supervisor emailed me back with a very supportive email but he has copied two other people in on his reply, leaving my original email at the bottom. If I had wanted them to know, I would have sent it to them...

I am furious that my confidentiality has been breached. I just assumed he wouldn't forward it on to anyone. ARGH>


Liz said...

Clare, I'll respond to this post properly when i get back from the weekend, but could you do me a favour, please? When you put up your Photohunt, and you mention it on tnchchick's blog, could you say mine's up too, please? But that I'm away and will visit when i get back.

Thanks in advance. Rushing now. x

Liz said...

That's the problem with emails. We have to be careful and think about what we're doing. One click is all it takes to do something like this.

I hope you spoke to your supervisor and expressed your dismay, and that the problems you're having with the project will be sorted. x