11 August 2007


I now have three documents open. In total I have written 1,342 words. Unfortunately it's about as dysfluent (it's a word, honestly) as some of my stammerers. I'm sort of writing things down as I find them, and then hoping I can make it hang together at some point. It's terrible, I hate it, and I cried a lot earlier. But hey.

I found this poem from Lewis Carroll (a stutterer - did you know the character of the Dodo was based on the man himself?) which amused me:

Learn well your grammar,
And never stammer,
Write well and neatly,
And sing most sweetly,
…Drink tea, not coffee;
Never eat toffy.
Eat bread with butter.
Once more, don't stutter.

-from Rules and Regulations
Now I'm trying to work out where I can slip it into my project...


Stu Savory said...

The version I learnt starts off :-

Learn well yore, gramma
and never st
stutter, groƟmutter...

Liz said...

I was trying to write an article about rugby the other evening. I'd written about 300 words, re-read it and wanted to cry. It was such rubbish!

I went to bed, got up, started afresh with a whole new attitude and it came out ... if not fine, at least better.