16 March 2008

It's good to be back

Oh my gosh.... I'm back.

It has been an extraordinarily long time since I blogged. So long in fact that I was surprised to find that my URL still existed...I stopped for a number of reasons, the biggest of which was having little to write about and absolutely no time. I have also been battling a number of "diseases" and have had all my energy wiped from me!

So, what's been happening?? Not only have I not blogged, but I have let my normal readers down and haven't visited a blog in ages. This is mainly due to the fact that blogger is blocked at school, so I can't get on to any websites which have ".blogspot" in the title. Very sad, especially as blogging has been taken over by ebaying which is much more time consuming and far more expensive!

I'm now living with Phil and all is well. I couldn't move back home now I don't think. I have got too used to having my own space. We don't argue often and when we do it tends to be about something silly. I have a whole other blog post in my head about the whys of living with a man ("why does the shopping take 3 times as long with a man?" etc).

I am still at school, and with the Easter holidays fast approaching I can feel my body begin to relax. I love school, the boys are great and the therapy is interesting. It is quite hardcore though which as we know my body doesn't cope with. For this reason I am now on a cocktail of drugs to get me through the day. Sigh.

Good news is that I got into university to do my Speech Therapy degree. I went through 4 long and difficult interviews but was finally accepted to UCL (again) and Reading. I am going back to UCL in September and am really looking forward to it. I also passed my MSc with a convincing pass mark. The dissertation-that-tried-to-kill-me was all worth it, with my mark coming out at 66%. I was really chuffed, and am going to be graduating in September. I am officially "Clare Groome, BA (Hons), MSc.

That's all I think.... another post soon I promise!!

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Liz said...

WElcome back, Clare!

And congratulations on the MSc and getting into UCL (isn't that the wrong way round?!)

We'll look forward to catching up with your life.

ebay - now there's somewhere i haven't been for a while ...