08 May 2006

Exciting weekend news

Well, that maybe a little exaggeratory (if it's not word, it should be). My weekend wasn't all that exciting. It was fun, relaxing and enjoyable but not exciting as such.
It started on Friday afternoon in the blazing (17 degrees, ahem) sunshine, with a trip to the walk in centre in Woking. For the last few days I had been having problems with my asthma, either tight chestedness (coining all over the shop today) or palpitations. I decided that this probably wasn't good so went to the walk in centre after work. Not surprisingly they couldn't work out why I felt like that, because my blood oxygen level was fine, my peak flow was ok and my pulse apparently normal. So why did it feel like my heart was trying to make a break for it through my chest? They had no idea, but told me to come back if it got any worse. It hasn't got worse but it is still there...Hmm, oh well!
As I was in the area I went to Katherine's (Phil's sister) flat to help her pack up her flat. She's renting it out for a few months to get some money together, and has left lots of stuff in storage. I became "tape girl" and helped to bubble wrap the chairs together. All very exciting stuff, so exciting in fact that when I got back to Phil's for dinner, I just about made it through the meal before almost falling asleep at the dinner table!
P got up stupidly early to go and help Katherine move the now bubblewrapped items from her flat into the van, hired for the purpose of moving things from flat to storage. I went home to have a shower and get changed and then went back for lunch. Then it was off to the storage place in Cranleigh. And what a strange place it was! You hire a metal room (which come in various sizes), for which only you have the key. It's a great idea, but it was a little strange. You can definitely imagine an episode of Dr Who being filmed there!! In fact, I even managed to watch Dr Who this weekend, the first time in ages!
Sunday: lots of sleep in the morning, and then lunch at the Refectory in Milford. We were celebrating Phil and his Dad's birthdays, only a month or two late! The food was lovely, but I have never been in a restaurant for three hours before! Well, I have, but when I was drinking and we took a long time over our meal. It was incredibly slow service! And then in the evening we watched "The Worst Jobs in History" (soap making is minging), and then the Top 10 One Hit Wonders. So many songs I had completely forgotten about!!! Including Everybody's Free (to wear sunscreen) and Chesney Hawkes' classic "I am the One and Only"! A real Durham anthem! Sadly I had to go home, so I have no idea who was No. 1!
So as you can see, it really wasn't exciting. But hey, I'm going to Paris tomorrow, so I don't care!!

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