23 November 2006

Oh help.

I'm still in the library. Obviously, I'm still blogging, so I can't expect much sympathy, but hey. I've been here for about 3 hours, having already sat in on a speech therapy session today with my friend Liz from the MSc. Really interesting, but I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm justified in being tired! Anyway, the essay plan is at 600 words. The essay itself is only 2500, so it seems a little ridiculous, but there we go. Anyway, I'm boooored. (small child on long car journey voice).

I am having a good old panic about getting this work done, though I can't really complain, as I am wasting some time each day reading other people's blogs (**random thought: does anyone else have a "system" or order in which they read other people's blogs? I know that I do - I tend to go to Liz's first (most likely to have written something), then click on the ones down her list that I normally read (Shirl, Anna, Shirleen, Chris, MaryB) and then from there (depending on how much time I'm wasting) I read other people's from those blogs.**), but anyway, I'm worrying about it, because I'm home all next week and the house is in CHAOS. Last time I was there the washing machine was in the living room (not because it had danced there like Liz's though...), so I'm highly unlikely to get much done. I can live at Phil's, I suppose, but don't want his parents to feel obliged to look after me. (Oh to have a flat of our own...Sigh)

And now I'm worrying about Christmas. Not that whether I'll get it done or not (I have a "feeling" that Christmas is just one of those things that happens... and Starbucks were playing Christmas music today, so it's definitely on!), but what on earth I should buy people. I know its not about presents, but I do so like buying people things. I have seriously thought about buying everyone a donkey in Ethiopia (or something), which would be novel, but I can just imagine my brothers' faces..."Thanks Clare, a donkey... Just what I always, um, wanted?". Mum is easy, her handbag is falling apart. Dad, I'm sure there's a book out there somewhere, or tickets to the theatre. Phil on the other hand??? I have no money this year (damn studentdom), but still want to buy him something nice. I bought him cufflinks last year, albeit not as nice as some of the ones you can get (when I say nice, I mean expensive). I don't know what to get him this year! Boys are rubbish to buy for aren't they? Any help, as ever, gratefully recieved.

Maybe he'd like a donkey. Or a sneezing elephant.

5pm...must get on!


Anonymous said...

My method for reading blogs is pretty much the same as yours. That Liz has a lot to answer for! She got me into this, you know.

I'll think about my weirdness this evening and post it all tomorrow probs.

Anonymous said...

Xmas for students. Would it be acceptable in your family to buy everyone a really nice/good quality bar of chocolate and attach a kind of forfeit to it beneath the wrapping - like (brother) - I promise to wash your car three times next summer when I haven't got essays to write. This will only work in a family that realises how genuine such a gesture would be.

It's all so commercial. The whole thing is somehow missing the point these days.