30 January 2007


There really is only one word to describe it. Bleugh.

I have the extraordinary head cold that is making it's way round the country. My nose is blocked, my throat is sore and I am extremely deaf. I have also been to my god mother's today (and yesterday) and she has a cat so I am also in the throes of a extreme allergic reaction, and look quite like Rudolph. Sigh.

Enough moaning - I now have 4 fully functioning wheels on my car, after getting sick of flat tyres. I've had 6 flat tyres on this car in the last 18 months. Six. That's more than my mother has had in her lifetime. Now, hopefully, I've sorted it by buying a new wheel. Fingers crossed. And I've made an appointment to have my eyes tested next week - how very organised!! Only something I've been meaning to do for...um...a year now?

Back to work before auditions tonight. I am hoping Pete reads this before the auditions so he knows my head is full of cold!! Wish me luck....


chux said...

Break a leg! isnt that what you're meant to say? Anyway hope the audition went well.

I haven't been around to comment lately due to organizing my house move. You've been busy redecorating this blog since I was here last though. Ohhh very.....white!

Sorry about the yukky mucky cold and stuff - best thing is try and sleep as much as possible until its gone. No use being awake and suffering!

ta ta

Anonymous said...

Poor you Clare. Administer plenty of TLC to yourself is no one else will.

Anonymous said...

IF no one else etc

Chris said...

You were great at the audition, Clare, and the cold didn't show at all. Mine has almost gone now - just a very irritating cough left.

Becky said...

How did the audition go?

Hope your cold's better!