29 January 2007

Goings on

Not a very productive weekend. Have got little work done, spent Saturday arguing in a very meaningless way with Phil, got a migraine, was stubborn and watched a film, took magic pink pills (Migraleve), went to bed. Got up today, went to Portsmouth, bought a dress for my friend's wedding in July (how organised am I? She's not even got her dress yet!) had a walk along the beach, came home, fell asleep.

I also appear to be an insomniac again, and am very very annoyed about it. My fingers are typing extraordinarily badly, so I must be tired, but my brain doesn't seem to agree. Hmm. Might read some Shakespeare. Ironically I also have a cold. Always at the same time!

Oh Liz! I had a wonderful time in the Cadbury Factory Shop at Gunwharf Quays (must be tired, originally wrote Keys) today - huge boxes of chocolate fingers, on a bogof deal. Made me think of you and then entertain the idea of posting them to "Liz and Harvey Hinds, Swansea, Wales".

Arguing was about summer holidays, as I am all fired up and travel-buggish, but have no money, and Phil is now training to be an accountant and so is careful and sensible with money, so we argued about where to go. I am slowly working on him though, and am hoping to go to Morocco at the end of June... Fingers crossed...


Liz said...

oh, Clare, you should have done! They would have found us; fingers are drawn irresistably to me and Harvs (how else do you explain the boxes that keep ending up in my cupboard?

Anna went to Morocco. (I think - not overly impressed - I'll check with her.)

Hope you manage to get some sleep tonight.

Anna said...

Morocco was horrid. Well, no: Marrakesh was pink and beautiful, but then there were nasty shopkeepers who spat and swore, no women on the streets (and you can’t wear anything that shows any flesh unless you want to invite abuse). It was horrid for those reasons but also because of an awful Moroccan man who tried to swap me for a prostitute. (Hmph!!) And because of the horrendous gastroenteritis that I had on the plane back and for a week afterwards. (Steve had to call the doctor out to my bed, and everything!!)

All that said, I'm sure your experience of Morocco will be completely different to mine – part of it was bad luck, and Marrakesh and the Atlas mountains really were beautiful, so I am not sure I would try to put you off. Travelling is all about having these experiences and you expect to take some crap with the good, I think.

All the same... cover up, avoid the tourist shops, only eat cooked vegetables and peelable fruit, and DON'T befriend anyone!