27 January 2007


I made a whole list of things that had happened last year yesterday, but I've forgotten the list, so I might have to do this from memory. The point of this post is that I had a fairly mixed year, with being ill a lot and other things. So I decided that I would think of all the good things that happened in 2006 instead.

Here are a selection of the ones I remembered:

  • Still being with Phil
  • Being involved in Ottershaw Players again
  • Travelling: Japan, Paris, Madeira, Italy, Greece and South Africa
  • Anna getting a distinction in her MSc
  • Becky qualifiying as a teacher (and others, but Becky's was the most important :) )
  • Teechers coming off and not being a disaster
  • Meeting nice people in "blogworld"
  • Working at MMR for a year and meeting new friends because of it
  • Starting my MSc (even though it's caused no end of trouble so far)
  • Dancing again and going to tap classes
  • Sorting some stuff out with an friend who I had fallen out with so that now it's all better.
Lots of good things, which definitely counteract the bad stuff. But yet another list. I promise, no more lists from now on...

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