26 January 2007

Happiness is...

Happiness comes in many forms. Whilst the last week has been super-stressful, I am now at home on a Friday, reading a relatively interesting paper on Conversation Analysis, whilst also in bed.

Happiness is:

  • Covent Garden Soup when you're feeling unwell
  • An electric blanket
  • Not having to do statistics again
  • A new play on the horizon - even if I don't get in, it's still exciting!
  • A new dressing gown.
  • Being able to work from bed (even though I really shouldn't be)
  • Three weeks til my next essay is in :)
My blogs seem to have taken the form of lists lately. I really must start writing in sentences again...


Anonymous said...

I like lists. I also function particularly well propped up in bed with books and writing projects all around me. Especially in winter. You Go Girl!

B said...

Aaaaw, I like your happiness definers - sometimes the simple little things are the best aren't they.

And lists are good!

Becky said...

hmmm, did really mean to leave my whole name, not just one solitary letter! sorry, love Becky