15 January 2007

A short post about a long holiday

I don't want to bore you with the ins and outs of my recent trip abroad, but here are some of the highlights...

  • Swimming with penguins on Christmas Day
  • Cape Town - amazing city, loved it lots.
  • Feeding an elephant at the Knysna Elephant Park
  • Seeing the sunrise (and set) whilst on safari
  • Seeing a whole herd of elephants (including a 2 month old) in the wild
  • Getting out of the jeep and walking towards wild cheetahs.
  • Swimming in the shallows in Mauritius and seeing baby fish (only 1cm long!)
  • My youngest brother telling me that "he has just the right amount of brothers and sisters".
  • Coming into a hotel room when feeling ill to find beautifully soft linen and pillows to welcome you.
  • Wearing a sari
  • Eating dinner with our safari guide and learning about his life as a ranger
  • The thrill of spending 4 hours looking for elephants and then to find them
  • Going to Robben Island and feeling guilty for being there, but also grateful that there are no more prisoners there.
It was all pretty cool (except the being ill part) and amazing. Strange to be away in a hot country for Christmas, and I missed mum and Phil, but it was still an amazing experience! Photos are up on my flickr page since Blogger seems to have eaten my button...


PT said...

Ooh! Photos!

Welcome back!

Liz said...

Oh double wow!!!!

Anonymous said...

The holiday of a lifetime (so far?)