11 March 2007

No boots for Clare...someone bid over £50 for them, and frankly, that's just daft. But they were awfully pretty.

Will have to actually go ice skating to be able to convince Phil that they're a worthy investment the next time something like that comes up!


Liz said...

I'm sorry you didn't get your boots! Keep looking. You've reminded me that I'm supposed to be looking for a new bed-head; I was outbid on a brass one last week.

Oh yes, you asked about the Photo Hunt. A topic is posted each Saturday and you're supposed to post an appropriate photo (I don't know about your legs not being attached, I think my fingers and brain have disconnected: I'm struggling to type). This is the website that explains it:

Clare said...

there are some more for £10... I have a week to get up the courage to bid...fingers crossed.
Word verification: osngnnk - how my nose feels.