11 March 2007


I've got that Sunday evening feeling. You know, the one after you've had a really nice weekend, and you realise the only thing in front of you now is Monday?

Oh well. I have revision to do this week for a Cognitive Neuroscience Exam (yuck), and reading to do about children who use Augmented and Alternative communication devices (such as Steven Hawking uses). At least the essay reading is interesting. Then I have more training with the Stroke Association on Tuesday, which is a real faff, but will at least get me out of the house and trained for work experience with old people (who've had strokes). Wednesday, lectures, yawn. And rehearsals. Thursday is exciting - I'm going to meet Sophie (Countess of) Wessex to be presented with my Queen's Guide Award. I have to dress up in posh uniform (a button down shirt and everything) and have a chat with "Soph" as to what I got up to in the three years it took me to finish it.

Well now I've told you all my news, what am I going to blog this week??

Phil and I went to the coast today to fly his kite and fiddle with his new camera. It's very posh. Here are some photos....

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Liz said...

Nice photos. It's difficult to take photos of someone flying a kite! Years ago, with a very basic camera I tried to photograph Husband. He looks rather silly standing there with his arms stuck out for no apparent reason.