06 May 2007

Budapest: should be in a Bond film...

I realised that I actually never wrote about my trip to Budapest. Phil and I went for three nights and had a brilliant time. I've been before, I went in August 2003 as part of a Guide project, and I was surprised at how much of the layout/geography I remembered. It was great to visit some places that I'd been before and discover new ones.

Some notable memories:
Getting on the blue metro line at the terminus, in the wrong direction. Sat in a siding for a while wondering what on earth we were going to do...thankfully the train went back into the platform after about 5 minutes...
Phil ordering a "tea". Te in Hungarian means...Milk. So he ordered half a pint of milk...The waitress was incredibly confused.
The meal in La Fontaine. A very very nice restaurant. Unfortuantely it was also VERY expensive. Phil's face when the bill arrived was a picture!
And many more which escape me at the moment!! Photos will be up on flickr soon!

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