10 May 2007

Dramatic Wonderings

Having come down from my cloud of accolade and success (it doesn’t happen very often. In fact rarely ever so I’m allowed to be pleased.) I am left wondering what to do with myself next. I am going to help with Front of House for “Whose Life Is It Anyway” with Ottershaw Players in June, but I kind of want something to get my teeth into. I really enjoyed directing, and I have enjoyed playing around with sound for PLT (though to be honest Phil has done most of it, I just press play when necessary). I’d like to Stage Manage something one day, but not this year probably.

I’m already thinking of possibilities for directing. It was suggested last night that I could do something for the festival, as I don’t think anyone has come forwards at Ottershaw yet. But then again, I’m not sure I can go through the stress of being adjudicated again… You do all that work, then one performance, and poof, it’s over and someone you don’t know rips it to shreds…I don’t know, maybe it’d be better this year. The other problem is who to do it with. I really enjoy working with the “youths”, but aside from the three in Teechers, there aren’t many others of a suitable age. So for the festival it’s more likely to be grown ups. Which is ok, if a little scary – who is going to take me seriously?

I’d like to do another show in April next year, but again, what to do, and with whom. One of my favourite plays at the moment is “Quartermaine’s Terms” by Simon Gray, which calls for French windows at the back of the stage – something Brook Hall offers! Other options, though probably not for Brook Hall, are “Pygmalion” or “The Importance of Being Earnest”. However they’re both quite big shows, and I don’t think I’d be allowed to direct them! On the youth side, I quite fancy “Shakers” with the girls, but that’s another Godber play – don’t want to be typecast!

It’s all quite academic at the moment anyway – but a lot more appealing to think about than thesis and rain and boringness.

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