07 June 2007


I was being so good. I had yoghurt for breakfast and have been religiously drinking my "Lactofree" milk drink (why does the word drink make me feel that I am not really drinking milk?).

And then I got hungry.

And then Waitrose were reducing their sandwiches.

Which included smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels for £1.10.

So I've fallen off the dairy free wagon...

Tomorrow is another day - so I might as well eat a Dairy Milk bar to drown my milk free sorrows!


Anonymous said...

Hi Clare - panic not about the dairy-free lapse! Rules are meant to be broken, after all.

Re 'On Chesil Beach'. I won't say too much...it was a strange book but I did read it right through. It appealed to me as it spoke a lot about Oxford at the time when I was a student and so knew it well. A bit before my time actually but the same 'feel' of things. The main theme of the book touches my life as my first marriage would have been better to have a) never have happened or b) been annulled quickly. However, I have my two sons from it - they are nothing short of miracles such was my sex life at the time!

It's a thought-provoking book - I suspect many of the sub-plots/themes are autobiographical as Ian McEwan writes them very well.

Liz said...

What's a bar of CDM between friends anyway?

Becky said...

Dairy is good for you, fret not - and apparently chocolate is also good for you.
Happy Birthday!

Clare said...

Dairy is not good for me - makes me cough...Oh well, I've been better this week!

bananatree said...

where's the travellingwonderbug gone? i think you've been too busy on your travels to update this??
miss reading your news! hope you're ok!! lots of love, han x