06 June 2007

Round Up

It's all been going on recently. I was back at work last week, not very effectively, but I was there. I can't seem to get up any enthusiasm for it, perhaps because I know I'm really only going to be here for another couple of weeks... I've been working on the data for my project, and beginning to see patterns in it, which is excellent as I have to talk about it for 10,000 words! I was really getting into it yesterday, as I am finally transcribing it for myself and not just checking another person's. Unfortunately I had to leave early and go to talk to my old folks, so I am hoping that I get back into it on Friday when I'm next in the lab.


One of my old people has a thing for Tom Jones. She's not very vocal normally, which can cause a few problems, as the point is to create conversation, but when Ross (another volunteer) put on a Tom Jones CD her whole face lit up. It was nice to see her enthusiastic about something, as she has told us on a number of occasions that she is "not interested" in conversing with us. I also have a sneaking suspicion that she fancy Ross - she often comments on his beard and says he would be more handsome without facial hair. He has cottoned on to this now though, as apparently last week he had shaved and she insisted on feeling his face...


I have a job for next year! I will be working full time at More House which is tremendously exciting. It's a good salary and I get paid holidays and half terms - yay! I am very happy, as it's a lovely school and the staff and the boys are all lovely...though some of the year 10s scare me! Becky, this might make you feel better: year 8 are a nightmare at More House too, so it's not just in your school!


I'm trying a new diet. Not to lose weight (I managed that easily enough a couple of weeks ago by not being able to eat - now my jeans don't fit me anymore but I refuse to buy a size 6 pair), but to try to sort out my asthma. I'm cutting out dairy from my diet... Hard for someone who loves cheese, chocolate and iced coffee from Starbucks. But, I have discovered a new type of milk which is cows milk with the lactose taken out. It tastes like milk, unlike soya which so doesn't. There is also a dairy free ice cream (well, lactose free) so I'll be ok...I'm really going to miss cheese though!


Phil and I went to Emsworth on Chichester Harbour this Sunday. It was beautiful and reminded me of Salcombe in Devon, near where I used to live and the home of the best ice-cream ever. Photos are up on flickr now, I'm quite pleased with them.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the job for next year Clare - it sounds demanding but at least you already know the school.

Hope the dairy-free diet is a help to you. Pete starts his iodine-free diet on Mon 18th ready for his radiodine therapy three weeks later.

Thanks for popping by earlier!

chux said...

Congrats from me too on the job! Although anybody who works with kids needs a standard issue of body armour in my opinion!

Diet, well Goats milk works for a lot of people. My son has it, he loves it and so do I. Cheese isnt a problem as you get goats cheese anywhere. Yogurts too is easy enough. Swedish Glace is dairy free so ice cream is sorted too.
A lot of people have it for the same problem as you.

Whatever you do I hope it helps! Wish me luck i'm on a not eating anything anymore diet, ooh except a little lettuce and few beansprouts. (not quite but it feels like it)

Liz said...

I'm on that diet too, Chux. the only eating lettuce and bean sprout one. I hate everybody.

Well done on the job, Clare. It's sounds great. And on cracking on with and getting into your project. I know it will be good.