18 July 2007


"It's that wet rain, soaks you through" - so says Peter Kay. It might actually be "It's that fine rain" but anyway. The heavens have just opened, so its a good excuse to get on with my project work, and I am. Or I was. But then I watched Neighbours, and there were two classic lines that just had to be shared:

Frazer to Rosie: "I might be writing cheques my body can't cash..."
and then
Frazer to Rosie (again): I didn't think I could have a relationship and concentrate on my recovery at the same time. Trouble is, I wasn't counting on how hard it would be to resist you...

Mills and Boon eat your heart out!

And now, back to the work. I really can't watch Doctors as well!


Liz said...

I was expecting him to get a sudden tingling in the parts other beers can't reach - but maybe that's on the next date!

What with that and Susan and whatshisname having flashbacks, I don't know what Neighbours is coming to.

Clare said...

It's like some sort of porn fest. With no swearing and a lot of suggestive looks... And soon we're going to lose it to Channel Five! There is a new drama on after Doctors, another Aussie one, but I can't bear to watch it - I know I'll get hooked and I know it'll be dreadful!