17 July 2007

Tagged Again

Pete has tagged me...So here is the list of facts and habits - some of this you may already know!

1. Fact: I used to be small enough to be passed through the nextdoor neighbour's trellis when crying

2. Habit: I fiddle with my jewellery when nervous - hence always taking it off before doing a presentation or play

3. Fact: I am born on the same day as Judy Garland. Shame I can't sing like her.

4. Habit: I read in the bath, and have rarely ruined a book doing so...

5. Fact: My first pet was a tortoise called Betty. It turned out Betty was a boy and she "ran away" when I was 6. In hindsight, I think the foxes got her.

6. Habit: I tidy up before I go to bed. I will even go as far as making the bed, just before I get into it.

7. Fact: I want to do a PhD about Autism - but can't get any funding.

8. Habit: I always look into the driveways of people I know when driving past, for no real reason, just habit...

Now I tag: Liz, Hannah, Becky...and anyone else who wants to, who hasn't already been tagged by Pete!

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