25 July 2007

Little Green Bag

I can resist anything but temptation
- Oscar Wilde

When I read this post by Welshcakes, it reminded me of the bag I didn't buy today. Why am I telling you about a bag I haven't bought? So you can tell me that I did the right thing by not spending money on another handbag which was entirely the wrong colour for my purposes.

Let's recap. I am going to a wedding on Friday, and am recreating my Henley outfit from a few weeks ago. There were two drawbacks to this outfit - the bag and the shoes. The shoes are gorgeous, but I spent all day digging my feet out of the mud, which became very painful. The bag is equally pretty, and bought for me by Mr & Mrs Phil for my birthday. But it's quite small. It was ok for Henley, because Phil had his camera, and held onto most of my stuff when I needed him to...But I'm going on my own to the wedding, well without Phil, so he can't keep things in his suit jacket for me.

I have bought some new flat white shoes, very practical, but not so pretty. The solution would be to wear the pretty shoes and then change them when my feet started to hurt. But where should I keep the shoes in the mean time? I can't keep them in the bag that's too small!!

Anyway, back to the pretty bag. I decided to try to get a bigger white or blue bag. I failed, but there was a beautiful green bag in M&S. It was £15, and bright green, leather. Oh it was lovely. But green, not blue or white. I didn't buy it, but it is playing on my mind....

(can you tell that I have work to do that I don't want to do?)


Liz said...

If you want to keep shoes in a bag, the bag will have to be HUGE! Are you driving there? Could you leave things in your car?

Was it the mud or the shoes that made your feet hurt? THis isn't being very helpful.

£15 isn't very much for a leather handbag ...

Clare said...

It was the pulling of the shoes out of the mud, and trying to keep the shoes on my feet... Sadly I'm not driving, so can't leave my shoes in the boot. I was trying to find a bigger, white bag, but they were all gold and blingy or had huge buckles that I didn't like.

I'm not sure if it was leather, or if it was just "like leather". Very nice anyway....

Anonymous said...

All bags should be big enough for any amount of items a woman has to carry...mine have to be huge but I won't go into why, you just have to know about MS to understand. Enjoy the wedding! We're off to Pete's son's wedding in Hull on Friday, staying up there a few days - it's on Sunday 5th.
Have caught up with your blog - VERY well done on the Race for Life, Clare.