25 July 2007

A Poll

For all you arty dramaery people out there:
Would you rather see Twelfth Night, Romeo and Juliet or "something by Oscar Wilde" on stage in June?
Answers on a postcard please - or just comments in the usual place!


Liz said...

Something by Oscar Wilde.

chux said...

hmmmm not really my favourites there. Bill Shanks' maybe if i had to, the Twelfth Night.

Nothing by Ben Elton then, or even George Lucas?

actually that answers it for me. I'd leave that lot and got to the cinema instead.

Chris said...

To be perfectly truthful, Clare, for me it would depend who's doing it and where. If I really, really had to choose then I think it would be Oscar Wilde.

Clare said...

I'm considering a proposal for the OPs... now for something by Oscar Wilde, rather than some Shakespeare!

Anna said...

Oscar Wilde! Can I come?