09 July 2007

Opinions please

What is the general consensus about the new look of the blog? I like the picture at the top, but really wanted it along the top of the page and not in the left hand corner...And I'm not sure about the fonts. Or the colours. Its all pink, which is nice, but is it reader friendly??

Can you tell I don't want to do any work today?


Liz said...

I think it's nice. Very simple and clear - good for old eyes, m'dear.

The picture isn't in the left hand corner but across the top. It nearly reaches all the way.

chux said...

hmm not sure myself - its very.....big! Use to these smaller tight templates I guess.

Very white too.....hmm stark maybe.

What do I know? nothing just ignore it.

Clare said...

ok. so what about the pink/lilac chux?

Chris said...

I think it's great; perhaps Chux is colour-blind.

chux said...

Pink/Lilac is much better I think, although not my preference but thats only because i'm a fella.