09 July 2007

Mixed feelings

It's been a funny weekend.

Saturday I was at Henley Royal Regatta with Phil. Thankfully the weather was gorgeous, and the Pimms was flowing freely. We sat in deckchairs and watched a token amount of rowing, and general went "Rah rah rah" and pretended to be posh.

My feet were killing me by the end of the day, so I might try to find some flat shoes for when I recreate the same outfit for a wedding in a few weeks time - I really do have to get my money's worth from it!!

There was an early disaster however. At Twyford train station I spotted not one, but TWO girls in the same dress. Phil didn't quite understand the enormity of this situation. Anyway, when I bumped into one of the women later on, we were very mature (no cat fights in the mud, you'll be pleased to hear) and just smiled and said "Nice dress!". A good time was had by all.


Two good things in tennis this weekend - our first British champion for 20 years, and Roger Federer's 5th win. He really deserves it, I'm very pleased for him. He plays gorgeous tennis. And, well if a Murray had to win Wimbledon, I'm glad it was Jamie, not Andy Murray! A much nicer chap all round, though I was annoyed on his behalf that his brother only "just" managed to make it to the match. Hmm. Family solidarity etc etc...


And finally. We found out yesterday that an old family friend died on Saturday. Molly was my next door neighbour when I was born, so I have literally known her all my life. When I was a baby and screamed the house down, mum (or dad in those days) would pass me through the trellis to Molly or her husband Reg and they would look after me to give my parents a break. The trellis is still standing, and it was always mentioned whenever I went to see Molly, which wasn't often enough.

Molly remembered every birthday, every Christmas, every Easter, and always wrote to say how proud she was of me for my various achievements at uni, or in Guides. Molly fell out with one of her daughters some time ago, and one of the last times I saw her she told me that she considered me and Patrick to be her grandchildren as well. I was honored to be thought of that way, and she's always been considered special to me and Patrick.

I didn't see her enough, I didn't ring her enough, I didn't write enough. I'll always regret that and I'll miss her very much.


Anonymous said...

Goodness, you've been busy Clare - in real life and updating your blog - like the new look.

Lovely wedding outfit - and two other women at Henley with impeccable taste, amazing, or annoying.

Is it too late for the quote - use it if you wish with a link please)

Liz said...

What a posh day out! And you look gorgeous. I bet the other two didn't look half as good.

I'm sure Molly understood what life was like for you and was pleased to see you whenever she did. I think we all have people have like; people we think we should be visiting more but life just doesn't allow us to. Just be glad that you knew her. She obviously loved you - and love covers all sorts of 'things-we-should-have-done' - and was proud of you and your achievements. She sounds lovely if she took a crying baby through the trellis! Not the sort of person to be resentful.

chux said...

Tennis was great I agree. Bit annoyed I didnt watch more of it than I did.
I hope next year to go to the Womans open in Eastbourne as its close by. I always hope too for a big bit of fortune and a Wimbledon Centre court ticket as I've only ever had tickets for the grounds.

Sorry about Molly, she sounds a dear.