06 July 2007


Another thought, whilst I'm here.

A guy at rehearsals the other night was asked if he was a vicar. He replied that he wasn't and that he was insulted that people thought he was (or rather thought he looked like the sort of person who would be a vicar) as he's not a Christian.

Is it insulting to be told you look like a vicar, religious or not? And what does a "vicar" look like anyway?? I would think it would be better to be thought to look like a vicar than what people were saying about him in the pub...not a man you'd want to leave with small children...

***DISCLAIMER: I am not saying that this man is a danger to small children, I am merely repeating what was said in the pub...***

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Liz said...

That's weird: I was thinking about Father Ted this week.

I got in Betty at about 9 am and decided to put the radio on for Wogan but I couldn't find the front, which I'd hidden safely, so I thought I'd do the show myself with a wogan accent. But then my voice sounded more like Father Ted, and I began on that instead. But then - are you keeping up? - I remembered Father Ted is dead so went back to Wogan who by now sounded like an indian/jamaican. I'm not very good at accents! Or sanity.