16 August 2007

Last week I promised photos from my shopping "spree" with the Jigsaw voucher mum gave me. We went into Guildford (your favourite place Chux!) and had a lovely time browsing in the sunshine. I was only allowed to buy new clothes for work, and so....

A new jumper:

A new skirt:

And a new cardigan:

They all look much nicer on than they do spread on my duvet!

In other exciting news, Phil's parents have given me some money for house sitting/watering the garden whilst they were away. I feel dreadful about taking it, as I really didn't do much except water the greenhouse as it was during the floods and all it did was rain. But they insisted. So I paid the cheque in today and will hopefully be shopping again soon - for work clothes again (no denim, what AM I going to do??) but probably from H&M this time - MUCH cheaper than Jigsaw!


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

The clothes look lovely, Clare. I've gone all nostalgic for clothes shopping in the UK now!

Liz said...

That's a long jumper! Are you sure it's not a dress?! you'll have to post a photo of you wearing these clothes too!

Clare said...

I like long jumpers because I am long in the back (as well as in the leg). It looks lovely over jeans (which I can't wear to school, but never mind) and with the skirt! And best of all it'll be very warm - the school is freezing most of the time!