15 August 2007

Welcome to the Twilight Zone

Having read on Pete's blog about HLYW's dream about David Bowie, it reminded me about my strange dream last night.

I dreamt we were having the first rehearsal for Treasure Island (Ottershaw's next show at the Rhoda), but two things were a little odd. First, it was held in my bedroom - not the normal place to hold a rehearsal with a cast of at least ten people. Second we were in costume. Not too weird, except that my costume was a pair of tights. Just a pair of tights. So I spent the whole rehearsal wrapped in my duvet, wearing a pair of tights. Now, Chris is doing the costumes, so I am hoping that if I am in it, I will be wearing more than just some tights...

Also weird was that I was playing a male pirate who has his leg shot off on the first page. There is no such character...I also had to sing "I'll make a man out of you" from Oh What a Lovely War as part of the rehearsal!

Does anyone have a dream diary?

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