09 August 2007

Lots of little nice things

I found an old purse in my car a few weeks ago. Didn't look in it, as I thought it had been in there too long to be of any interest. Mum found it the other day - it had a £20 note in it!


I lent some books to a friend of Phil's mum as Nina is worried that her 2/3 year old son is beginning to stutter. Sergei was adopted from Russia last year, so has a lot on his plate for any toddler, so I lent these books to put Nina's mind at rest. She gave them back a few weeks ago, and again I didn't look in the envelope cos I thought they were just books. I opened the envelope yesterday and found she'd also given me a bar of fruit and nut chocolate!! Even better, it's Fairtrade, therefore guilt-free, therefore calorie free :)


Mum was given a voucher for Jigsaw for Christmas. She doesn't want it so she's given it to me, as she owes me some money. I am very excited about legitimate shopping opportunities, though looking at the prices on their website, I'm not sure how much I'll get for my money. Anyway, I'll post pictures when I've been shopping!


Last but not least I have been awarded a Power of Schmooze Award from Chris. My first Blogging Award - I'm so proud. I now have to pass it on to 5 more people... So, Pete, Chux, Liz, Becky & Anna, here you go!

What a lot of loveliness for one post. Back to Project Doom and Gloom now....


chux said...

thanks for the schmooze award - just dunno what to do with it? Are you meant to just copy the little graphic onto your post?

i'll e looking out for the reply!

Clare said...

I right clicked and saved it on my desktop, and then in the blogger layout thing it lets you put pictures on your sidebar. Fancy me telling an IT person how to do something!

Oh, and you have to pass it on to 5 people!

Liz said...

Thank you, Clare! Two in one week - like buses! - does that mean I can select 10 people ...?