08 August 2007

More distraction, yay!

OK, scrap that. I saw this on Delmonti's blog, and thought I'd post it here:
You just have to answer the questions...

My Name is Clare, and I'm a blogger and I'm female

The Last.....

person you punched.
I once slapped someone at school - unfortunately it was in front of the head of year. I've never punched anyone though...

haircut, how much was it
£20, just before I went to Tunisia

time you thought you were gonna die
Every time I fly anywhere. But particularly when I flew home from Italy in 2000 and the turbulence was so bad we were dropping 50ft and then rising again.

Tunisia, about a month ago

flowers you sent/received
Sent, some time ago when I stayed at my Godfather's so I could do work for my dissertation.
Recieved: on 3rd July, my anniversary

album/single/song you bought (and how, store, download, bribe?)
My Fair Lady Soundtrack - bought in HMV

paid job you had
Researcher for Sacoor Medical Group, West Byfleet

alcoholic drink you had
Glass of wine at Phil's house on Sunday

bowel movement
Umm...You can tell a boy wrote this!

Last night under an umbrella in the rain

Stitch (either cosmetic, accident, or self prescribed (like Rambo))
4 on my 4th toe on my left foot, after I dropped the wheel of a trampoline on it at school when I was 14

time you cheated on a loved one
Never. I've always split up with them before I cheated!

lie you told your boss
Never I don't think...

time you felt that initial "I'm in love!" feeling
Last night....

pair of shoes you bought
A pair of black ballet-type shoes, and the same in bronze. They are the most beautifully comfortable shoes, ever.

Over to you now... you can ignore the bowel movement question!


Chris said...

Well done, Clare, and I'm glad you resisted the temptation to answer No.9 - boys, eh???

Little gift for you on my latest post.

chux said...

I think that questions tells a lot about a persons health. Regular stools are an essential to any health regime!

Glad to hear you have never cheated, i've always been like that. If the relationship is that bad you are thinking about other people then you need to move on. Thankfully I have been with my wife a long time now and there are no terminal issues like that. It's a good moral/ethic to hold too - shame most others don't.